We asked a question:

What do we need to master our habits?

The Answer:

The right tools!

It’s a myth that we need more will-power or motivation to make or break habits. That approach is rarely successful.

There’s also little evidence that habit apps that rely on the most distracting device ever created (smart phones), will help us focus on habit building.

This is why we developed…

The Habit Kit

A Habit-Building System that works

Years of testing, research and design bring the only toolkit that combines the best science-based methods for habit-building.

Mastering your habits can be easier, it just requires an approach that works with the way we humans are wired… and that is not always intuitive. Our materials quickly teach you to launch healthy habits that last, or break habits that don’t benefit you. By understanding one habit’s nuts and bolts, you’ll rapidly build confidence and a mastery of one habit after the other. Habit Kits include:

  • A Quick-Start Video and Guide: Learn the the essential four steps to make a successful habit-based plan.
  • A Habit Planning Template: Specify your own route to making or break a habit.
  • Habit Tracking Cards: Keep your habit building on track with this visual reminder.
  • Follow up Videos and Emails: Habit tips, reminders and additional support you in your process.
  • Micro-habit and Behavior Nudging tips

….all on cards that fit in a wallet!

Habit Kits focus on making healthy habits easier and harmful habits harder, using insights from behavioral science and psychology. Habit Kits are designed to help you avoid the common pitfalls of habit building. Our tools teach positive, small repetitions and consistent self-encouragement—which will help you be more successful in creating new habits that last. Anyone can benefit: from business owners looking to build healthier tech habits while working from home, to remote staff who are juggling work and childcare while schools are closed. 

Habit Kits can be ordered through our online Shop.

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