• Unlearning Narratives, Learning Non-Negotiable Wellness
    For better health, wealth and wisdom, our newsletter now includes: an idea to unlearn, a new narrative, and a new action to take.
  • Resilient Resolutions
    As this year closes with the holidays, we encourage a bit of extra patience with ourselves and each other. Our holiday expectations from past years can create tension, especially the in-person invitations that may put the people we care about at risk. It’s simply difficult to be separated when we need connection more than ever.
  • We’re Back, with News to Share!
    We spent the last year building a team, redesigning our services and launching a new toolkit! Behind the scenes, we’ve been focusing on our community’s shifting needs during this unprecedented time. From personal health and well being, to financial coaching and small business consulting, we’re committed to supporting our community through these challenges.

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