The Habit Institute provides a bridge from knowledge to behavior, empowering individuals and organizations to master their habits and routines using methods grounded in science and mindfulness practices. Research shows that nearly half of our daily actions are purely habitual. To achieve a sustainable balance of performance, productivity and wellness, it is essential to harness this power of habits. By providing effective and actionable trainings, clients immediately start applying and repeating methods that create new habits and replace unhelpful habits with tangible results.  


David Langner, M.A.
David’s approach is grounded in neuroscience, psychology and contemplative traditions, and emphasize evidence-based habit techniques combined with mindfulness-based practices. His graduate research focused on eastern and western habit formation and replacement theories. David holds a M.A. in Buddhist Studies, and a B.A. in Neuroscience. He has founded two small businesses and brings over 10 years of institutional and university experience with project management, logistics, financial coaching, budgeting and operations oversight.