You have questions, we’ve got answers…

Which Habit Kit Should I Choose?

Habit Kits contain different types of habit tracker calendars. Since the initial focus is to start simple repetitions of a single micro habit, the LAUNCH Kit includes more doable one-week cards to start with, as well as two-week cards for when you’ve got some momentum down and have built a bit of confidence. 

Once a habit is more consistent—after at least a week or two—we recommend trying two-week EXPAND cards, or one-month THRIVE cards. Starting with a full month tracking card could feel difficult or overwhelming, which is why we suggest starting Launch and EXPAND cards.

How long does it take to make, break or track a habit?

New habits get much easier over time, however research shows they are not automatic and reliable in the first few weeks, despite some advertisements of “28 days to a new habit” and so on.  It all depends on the type of habit you’re building or breaking—in some cases it could take upwards of nine months to make a habit automatic, which is why continued tracking with a Habit Card can be key.  You’ll know a habit is more reliable when you start doing it automatically, without really thinking about it.

How long should I track my habit for?

The brief answer is that we need to stay mindful and occasionally check on our most important habits throughout our whole life. However, the early stages of habit building need regular attention. With Habit Kits, we recommend tracking at least through two stages: 

First: Track a habit until you perform it consistently. Keep yourself honest about this by reviewing your Habit Card tracker—we all tend to over or underestimate ourselves. If you’re missing 1 or 2 days per week during the first 4 weeks, you’ll want to keep tracking and encouraging your progress. 

Second: Track your habit until it doesn’t require any thought or effort to perform. In other words, it feels automatic. At that stage, you may want to use the monthly Thrive cards to ensure the habit changes keep momentum for a few more months. You could also set up a reminder: on your calendar, or setting up a reminder in your environment, like always placing your running shoes next to the door.

When should I shift to Expand or Thrive Habit Trackers?

If you are consistently checking off five or more days per week of performing your new habit, or four out of five days when building a weekday-only habit, you may choose to shift to the two-week Expand cards, or to the one-month Thrive cards. It’s totally OK to stick with the one-week Launch cards, if those cards work better for you. It is also helpful to track one week at a time if you’re working on breaking a strong habit. The goal is not to work through the different cards: the best card to use is the one that works for you!

Where should I keep my Habit Cards? 

Immediately after performing a habit, you’ll want to check the day off on the habit tracker, so keep the cards visible and close to where you actually do the behavior: on your desk, kitchen table, in your car console, in your home gym, in the front pocket of your wallet… don’t hesitate to be creative!

I’m having difficulty starting a new habit, any suggestions?

Micro-habits are your ally here: make your first step so easy it almost seems not worth doing. If you were aiming for 5 minutes, try for 1 minute… or 30 seconds, or even 5 seconds.  The time or amount seriously doesn’t matter, it’s doing it once, and repeating it in the same setting or context that will help you build the habit. The goal here is repetition—that will help bring results.  

Try to sweeten the deal: if you’re trying to exercise, play your favorite music or podcast. If you’re performing a writing habit, try doing it somewhere comfortable or with a nice view… Get creative! Help yourself enjoy the first few times you start your habit! 

Aim for what does work for you, Not what “should”work for you. Hear the difference? 

What if I checked off less than 3 or 4 days per week?

First, a bumpy start is normal, please don’t give up, or criticize yourself, okay? 99% of habit building is simply coming back to your plan and starting very small. 

Second, take a minute to review and edit the section “Make Your New Habit Easier” or “Make The Old Habit Harder” in your Quick Start Guide. This is your best resource for getting a consistent habit: start even smaller, and change your environment or mindset to support your habit building. Lastly, definitely review the “Essential Tips” in the Habit Kit Quick-Start Guide, and watch the Quick-Start Video, options to make your habit easier to start (or harder for habit breaking).

What if I I’d like to use Habit Kits for my [Counseling, Therapy or other] Practice? Can I buy in bulk, and with my own branding?

Yes! Professionals who use Habit Kits for their practice, such as counseling, therapy, physical therapy etc. can purchase bulk volumes of Habit Kits at a discount.  We can also brand them with your own contact info. For details and pricing please email us at