Strategic Solutions for 2020-2021

Make Wise Financial and Operational Pivots

Prioritize financial and strategic pivots that save essential time and money, from an experienced financial and business management consultant.


  • Grant and loan application assistance: from an experienced grant reviewer.
  • Streamline expenses now: discover savings you may have overlooked.
  • Identify new ways to reach customers with goods and services, and get connected with vetted professionals to upgrade websites and eCommerce.
  • Identify obstacles to your business workflow and confirm strategic solutions from simple behavior science methods.
  • Ensure stress is managed and reduced in your new workday.
  • Identify and complete applications for key grants and loans.

Up to two employees or owners per session. Needs-based discounts are available. David leads the business coaching sessions, bringing years of experience working with entrepreneurs and small businesses in Charlottesville, VA.

Please email to schedule a free exploratory call.

Small Business Essential Financial Management

Create financial routines and systems that save you time and money


  • Learn essential Cash Flow Management.
  • Streamline expenses and identify new sources of revenue.
  • Implement key financial bookkeeping habits and systems.
  • Avoid common financial pitfalls of entrepreneurs and small business owners.
  • Improve funding candidacy for business loans and grants.
  • Set strategic long-term financial goals, and receive weekly action steps.

Up to two employees or owners per session. Needs-based discounts are available. Please email to schedule a free initial consultation.

Better Business Habits

One-on-One Consulting Sessions to apply the Science of Habits

  • Learn to apply the science of habits to build daily business routines for productivity, focus and wellness.  (This is actually possible, and must be part of your plan since burning out cannot be an option for truly successful business owners).
  • Leverage small repetitions to achieve major goals.
  • Minimize effort and maximize effective daily routines.
  • Develop mindfulness to support behaviors that bring success.

We recommend a minimum of 3 – 4 sessions to get your plan in focus, and provide subsequent sessions to ensure follow through and momentum is built.  Please email to schedule a free initial consultation call.

Custom Consulting and Seminars

Please email  to request customized consultation or training curated to fit your individual business or organizational needs.