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Launch a new habit easily, or break an old habit with confidence. With 12 weeks of of habit planning and tracking cards, a detailed quick start guide, and essential tips videos this kit combines multiple tools for bringing new healthy habits to life!

Includes a box of weekly and bi-weekly tracking cards with a mini-marker for satisfying check off!

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Habit Kits are packed with evidence-based methods and tools in a single, easy to use toolkit. Much more than a simple habit tracker, Habit Kits guide you to create effective and flexible habit-based plans that will last, while making it easier to start making or breaking habits.

Contents: Includes a total of 12 weeks of tracking cards: four weekly Launch cards for a doable take-off, and four bi-weekly Expand cards for mid-term tracking. A mini-marker that fits in the card box is included for satisfying check off!

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    5 Stars! A thoughtfully designed kit that truly helped nudge my habits and into the routine that helps me work and play at my best- Thank you David for this kit. Part of my habits was to reduce my screen time so it was wonderful that these were cards that did not direct me to the distraction of screens. The best gift to myself in a long time.

  2. David Durovy (verified owner)

    Very well done in packaging and presentation – and with it’s commitment to recyclable materials! A lot of thought and time has gone into this product in all aspects. What it gave me was a long deep look into myself and what I wanted to achieve and stop doing. I thought it would be a no-brainer working with this, as in, yeah, I can do this stuff no problem. But I found it both challenging and rewarding to take a serious look at life as I was living it, and consider what changes did I want to make and could make. This product has within it the possibility for almost anything to happen. Where I got tripped up, was I thought it would be easy and so I skipped the recommendations and went big. It was big, but a big mistake. After a few non-starts, I decided to go back to square one and watch the video and read the start up guide again, this time with a more humbler attitude. Start small and have success, then grow from there is more than just a good idea. David has given us a very simple yet very powerful method for personal change. Kudos David.

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