Launch a new habit with greater ease, or break an old habit with confidence. With 12 weeks of habit planning and tracking cards, a detailed quick start guide, and instructional videos, this kit combines multiple tools for bringing new healthy habits to life!

Includes a box of weekly and bi-weekly tracking cards with a mini-marker for satisfying check off!

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Habit Kits are packed with science-based methods and tools in a single, easy to use toolkit. Much more than a simple habit tracker, Habit Kits guide you to create effective and flexible habit-based plans that will last, while making it easier to start making or breaking habits.

Contents: Includes a total of 12 weeks of tracking cards: four weekly Launch cards for a doable take-off, and four bi-weekly Expand cards for mid-term tracking. A mini-marker that fits in the card box is included for satisfying check off!

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